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Non vivo ne in un particolare luogo, ne in un particolare tempo.
Nel sole una particella compie migliaia di chilometri in un secondo. Una stella pu essere invariabile per miliardi di anni e poi in un minuto cambiare pi di quanto sia cambiata in tutta la sua vita.
Questi miei pensieri in forma di molecola su questo pianeta un giorno potrebbero diventare una foresta verde su di un altro. Nessuno pu saperlo.
                        Fabio Barzagli 

Everything is in balance with everything, humans can only see a part of that.




I love to be here, surrounded by kind people.
I sit now. Watching myself inside is like watching a landscape. On the side of the river I breathe and wait, until serenity and freedom will return to flow in front of me.

on Life: Opening mind isn't watching at crazy human things. We need a great opened heart and mind just to learn the simpler things that Nature shows to us.

Universes: We use to think about Universe as something far, made of stars and big bang. But there is another fascinating Universe we rarely look into, made of neurons and dna. What happens if we look at ourselves with the same passion and desire we watched stars in childhood? Questions, to find answers. Each Universe has its own secret. What about ours? Maybe happiness.

on Mental Independence: Someone aware of himself, organically and mentally balanced, respectful of others. Mental independence does not necessarily mean "being free" from influences, it definitely means "being aware" of the internal and external environment and all its influences.

Night. Lying down: Darkness in the room. In silence, I can hear the vibrations of my body, the sounds of my mind. Listening. Holding. Slowly I go back feeling one with myself, compact, body and mind. We are a balance of subtle energies talking to us continuously. In the night, in the silence, tuning in, we can find ourselves. Maybe I just need to listen.. and float in this sea of sounds. In these moments I think, I feel, I'll be back to happiness.

Choice: People often think to have more choice they had, and they decide instead of Nature. A presumption bringing only unhappiness. In my life I traveled the world knowing people of any age, race, belief, sex, richness. We are all ants in front of the Universe. We can make lot of choices, but we cant stop observing and following mother Nature.

Honesty is the highest form of Intelligence.
Sly people have not enough intelligence to understand it.

dear Woman: Your man is also your mentor. He lives and make experiences also to give you and your children those teachings you will need to have a good and safe life.

Unconscious: As big as the number of things that you have not been able to explain and understand convincingly. A sort of "lost property office" that, if you carry on ignoring it, will turn into a mountain of big containers filled with unlabelled baggage.

Apathy: A chronically stressed mind can drive you to perceive the external environment as oppressive. So your body starts protecting from it. You loose bad triggers of course.. but also life stimulus coming from there. The body stops perceiving the external world (senses, feelings, relationships, ..) just not to suffer.

The Light of the Sun: Most of us passed through awful periods. Everything seemed lost. On the other side.. times made of bright days where we must admit it's not always black. This is the little big lesson on depression: a blanket that suddenly hides the sun. But now we know.. behind the blanket the sun still exists.

A dream becomes true when its dreamed at least by two people.

on Happiness: Search for pleasure makes you stressed. Stress consumes your serenity. But only serenity can produce "enduring" happiness. So search for serenity.. and pleasure will come.

Crying is a good thing. It discharges tension. Tears like rain purify the sky and my horizons become clearer. Then I can see better who I am. Dont worry about crying..

Fear of others: Soul decline is when you experience "others" as hostile and the world as a dangerous jungle. This way you loose one of the most important things in life: Relationships, participation, "feeling one" with the world. Sometimes We have to lose everything to understand the meaning of Life. Those moments You can stop an important war: the one inside yourself.. You can start thinking of tomorrow, your tomorrow, made of words like harmony, peace, love for you and others without conditions.

We are able to give a name to a 4 sided figure (square) 
but not to a figure with 10.000 sides.. 
anyway in nature figures with >10.000 sides 
are extremely more frequent than figures with 4.. 
so who's right? us or Nature? :) 


Un tempo eravamo come Fiori. Possiamo ancora ricordarlo.
Ma oggi perch non stiamo bene? 
Cos' successo? E cosa dobbiamo fare? 
Guardiamo nello specchio per cercare cosa non v.
Ma il punto  un altro..  che abbiamo dimenticato cosa  un Fiore.


Anger is like drinking salted water. (aphorism from Kung Fu, 1974)

(if you hate a person you are on the way of hating everyone)


Build around you walls of beauty, 
corrals of goodness,
rivers of justice.. 
..and evil will be far from you.

(in the Grace of God, under the Karma of Buddha, in the Fate of Universe).


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