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Here about 170 of over 400 mods composed by Fabio Barzagli "FBY", from classical to movie soundtrack, rock, ethnic, techno, jazz, experiment. Some come from late 80's (very low audio quality 8bit, 11Khz) when FBY was 13 years old and started composing tracks on a Commodore Amiga 500.

Qui puoi trovare circa 170 degli oltre 400 moduli composti da Fabio Barzagli "FBY", dal genere classico alle colonne sonore da film, rock, etnico, techno, jazz, sperimentale. Alcuni di essi risalgono agli anni '80 (qualita' audio molto bassa 8bit, 11Khz) quando FBY aveva 13 anni ed inizio' a comporre moduli su di un Commodore Amiga 500.

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Amiga Island (Movie Soundtracks) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992-94 genre: space / scifi / movie audio: med low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Over half an hour of film music. Infinity & Too far are small tribute to Vangelis. Return to Space is first Fby party-release in Demoscene (TP Herning Denmark, 1994).

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Australia ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1993-94 genre: pop / happiness audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Australia, biggest world island civilized since 1606. Every discovery is a jump to happiness. Youth is a state of Mind. July is longest Fby composition (10:30). From original Mod: "Fby's come back again for you!!"

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Austria ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995 genre: classical / rhythm audio: various (8-16bit 4-8ch)

This is a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Austria 1756-1791), eccentric musician, one of most prolific and influential composer of the Classical era. He composed over 600 works.

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Belgium ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992-94 genre: sax / pop / athmos audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Saxophone has the projection of a brass instrument with the agility of a woodwind. Saxophone was developed in 1841 by Adolphe Sax Belgian instrument maker working in Paris.

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Brazil ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1998 genre: rock / experiment audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Sambing was winner module at TIG (Italian Gathering) 4Channel Music Competition in Pescara, during 1998. Wizball is a 16bit hi quality bossanova remake of the homonimous videogame, 2006.

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Chicago ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-91 genre: acid / paranoid audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

House is a style of electronic dance music originated in Chicago 1980s. Acid House is a sub-genre that emphasizes a repetitive, hypnotic and trance-like style often with samples or spoken lines.

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China ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1999 genre: newage / relax audio: hi (pc 16bit 16ch)

Newage is music of various styles intended to create inspiration, relaxation and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation and much more..

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Cuba ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992 genre: electronic / pop / epic audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Ernesto "Che" Guevara was an Argentine revolutionary physician and major figure of the Cuban Revolution. Cuba is today home to over 11 million people and is the most populous island nation in the Caribbean.

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Denmark ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995 genre: atmosphere / war-battle music audio: med (pc 8bit 10ch)

The Party (TP, 1991-2002 DK) has been most important demoparty in computer art Scene. The Morning After won 1995 edition. From The Deep is an old Amiga composition (1991, 4ch, low audio quality).

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Detroit ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-94 genre: techno / dance audio: med (amiga 8bit 4/8ch)

Techno is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in Detroit, Michigan (USA) in the mid to late 1980s. What else to say? Nothing but.. Unza! Unza! Unza! Unza! Mm... Technodanger was made in 5 minutes during a telephone call. :)

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Egypt ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1998 genre: funny / small orchestra audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

We have information about Circus since Ancient Egypt, through Greece, Rome and Medieval period.. until our days.

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Egypt (Pipe Organ) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992 genre: organ / sacred audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Pipe organ is grandest musical instrument. First organ (Hydraulis) was created by Ctesibius of Alexandria during the 8th century, in Egypt. Today organ is mainly used in liturgy of the Catholic Church.

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Finland ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1997 genre: techno / psychedelic audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

Finland is a big land with only 5 mil. people because of cold climate. It's the land of some world best programmer (Linus Torvalds). During winter schools close but in august you can see a beautiful midnight sun.

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Firenze ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1988 genre: classical / experiment audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Fabio Fby Barzagli (Florence, 1974) started composing in 1982 on a nylon string guitar, and made his first classic/electronic experiments in 1987-88 with Amiga programs. This is one of first Fby Studio serie.

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Germany ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1998 genre: symphonic / classical audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

A tribute to Orchestral and Classical Music. Black Lamp is a C-64 videogame tribute. Apache is the winner composition at TIG'98 music contest (Pescara/Italy).

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Germany (Epic) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1994 genre: epic / symphony audio: med low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Epic is a pathos, a story, a painting, a music, etc.. It's something moving energy that emphasizes Human Valors such ethic, honor, death, dream, hope, freedom, love, the infinite...

Ending Opera is the title tune of "Opera" a Jolly Workers demo released during Assembly 1995.

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Germany (Oktalyzer) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1988-89 genre: pop / electronic audio: very low (amiga 8bit 6ch)

Oktalyzer has been one of first easy-to-use 4-8 channel music editor for Amiga 500 written by Armin Sander. It has been the tracker on wich Fby started composing first modules. Audio was very low quality :)

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Great Britain (Industrial) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 2000 genre: industrial / movie audio: med (pc 16bit 8-10ch)

From Enlightenment to Decadence (XVIII-XX sec.) the dark side of industrial revolution, hyper rationality, automation processes, non-human conditions. Pieces below are from PC game named Steam Empire by Atlanteq srl.

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Hollywood ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1996-98 genre: movie / thriller audio: med (amiga 8bit 8-10ch)

Hollywood is the historical center of american movie studios. First studio was established by the Selig Polyscope in 1909. Soundtracks below are from pc videogame Fortress.

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Hong Kong ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990 genre: pop / electronic audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Double Dragon (Billy and Jimmy Lee, brothers and martial artists) is the first successful examples of the beat'em up coin-up videogame ever. Inspired to oriental martial arts and Bruce Lee.

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Houston ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1997 genre: rock / ontheroad audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

Six soundtracks composed for XTM videogame distributed by Midas Interactive. Music is inspired & tributed to ZZ Top American rock band, formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas.

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India ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995-96 genre: electronic / ethnic audio: med (pc 8bit 12ch)

Electronic slow rythm (Snap edit) epic theme, released at Buenzli 2k6 music contest (Winterthur, Switzerland).

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Indonesia ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1996-97 genre: exotic / jungle audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Imagine to find yourself a beautiful unknown island. Enjoy. (DVS won TIG 1997 music contest in Pescara/Italy, Dreaming Jungle got 3rd at Solskogen 2006 music contest in Norway)

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Ireland ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995-96 genre: sad / evocative audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

A short tribute to Enya and to the meaning of sad/evocative music. To all people suffering and living deep. Last piece is a tribute to J. Michel Jarre, synth electronic performer.

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Japan ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995-96 genre: japan / movie audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Other oriental minded sountracks inspired from japan athmosphere, wilderness, culture of honor, traditions, people, and of course inspired from cartoon productions (manga, miyazaki, akira, ..)

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Japan - Hokuto No Ken ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1994-96 genre: videogame audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

A videogame project never ended. Soundtracks have been made on Amiga 2000, using 4channel soundtracker. (title excluded xm 12ch, original solo-guitar by Fby)

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Japan - The Last Ninja ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 2006 genre: orchestral / pop audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

A Commodore 64 and The Last Ninja musical tribute published on lastninja.c64.org and ranked at remix.kwed.org. See also the artistic youtube video based on the fby soundtrack.

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London ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1994 genre: rock / experiment audio: med (amiga 8bit 8ch)

This is a 4-parts-simulation of a live concert with crowd, effects and all stuff make you feel there.. A tribute to P.Floyd. The piece Escape From Dark won Oxyron Music Festival in Germany during 2007.

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London (Aegis Sonix) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1987 genre: melodic audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Aegis Sonix v2.0 (1987). First FBY's pieces on a pentagram program.

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London (Chip Tunes 64kb Memory Limit) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-94 genre: pop / exotic audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch 64kb)

Chiptune developed in 80s to fit on first videogames (atari, commodore, ..). In 90s they've become a cult way of making music with contest and competitions all around the world.

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London (DISCO ATMOSPHERE) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-92 genre: pop / electronic audio: med low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Soft drums pop disco music with various influences (space, acid) and film thrilling atmospheres. Made with Amiga Oktalyzer (4channel) in early 90s.

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London (Soundtracker Rock) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1988-90 genre: amiga / synth rock audio: low (amiga 8bit 70kb)

This is a tribute to english 70s rock bands. Soundtracker was first tracker, ever (1987). It supported only 16 samples and was sold with instrument disks called ST-00. Other hundreds of trackes (protracker, fast tracker, ecc..) later will be sequel of this one.

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Mediterraneo ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1996 genre: ambient / guitar audio: med (pc 8bit 12ch)

Mediterranean Sea music. Sunshine: a dreaming ballad loving summer in Italy. Overmoon: same instruments arrangement with a bit of sadness. (Overmoon, 3rd at 7Dx Music Contest, Istanbul 2007) Have2Fly: a short spanish ethnic guitar ballad.

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Mexico ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 2006 genre: western / spaghetti audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

A short remake of Tim Follin game music and tribute to Ennio Morricone (and Sergio Leone too) and his great film soundtracks.

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New Orleans ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1991-2 genre: jazz / electronic audio: med low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

New Orleans, birthplace of jazz. (beginning of the 20th century). Piece below (SuperJazz) got 1st place at DIHALT music contest (chip music 64kb) in Russia during 2007.

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Ocean (Source of Music) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-92 genre: ambient / dream audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Still Oktalyzer try (see Germany) but 4 channel and different style with fast background piano "arpeggios" creating psychedelic and relaxing atmospheres between classic & electronic music.

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Ocean (Under The Sea) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1996 genre: ambient / guitar audio: med (pc 8bit 12ch)

From original mod: "You are wandering under the sea. Sublimous sounds around you. Relax.. you'll make a long trip." - #by Fby Musician

note: This music got 1st place at Saturne III Music Contest in Paris, 1996.

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Ontario ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992-93 genre: pop / electronic audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Highway 401, is the busiest highway in North America (Ontario). Length: 816.6 km. Opened in 1947. - Something like Outrun videogame music.. Turn-on your car radio and drive..

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Paris ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1990-91 genre: enigma / experiment audio: low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Enigma album "MCMXC a.D." talked about Religion and Sexuality, while main song (Sadeness) about Marquis de Sade (torture and pleasure). YDKWTII contains a tiny tribute to Argento/Goblins.

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Roma ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1997 genre: atmosphere / movie / religious audio: hi (pc 12ch)

The Malleus Maleficarum was a manual published in 1487 by Roman Catholic Church (will of pope Innocenzo VIII) to fight heresy and witches in Germany.

note: This music was the soundtrack of the homonymous pc videogame set in the city of Lucca and financed by Regione Toscana in 1997.

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Russia ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1999 genre: acid / pop / electronic audio: med (pc 8-16bit 8ch)

Tetris is a puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov during 1984 in the Soviet Union. Prolonged Tetris use can lead to more efficient brain activity.

note: this version (t-0 bonus level) is a remake of Tetriade 1993 rave remix from the Coin-Up, 4 level themes and 2 original parts!

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Scotland ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1996 genre: celtic / medieval audio: med (pc 8bit 12ch)

Celtic Medioeval song about ancient legends and antique dances. Released in Paris, 1/11/1996. Harping time 4:15. Relax.. and dream.

curiosity: Fby first public performance was in Villa la Quiete (Firenze 1982, 8 years old) presenting 3 original preludes.

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Sicilia ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1998 genre: melodic / small orchestra audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

Mandolin is a plucked stringed instrument evolved from the lute family in Italy during the XVII century. Mandolin derives from Islamic instrument called Mandore (X-XI century).

curiosity: Tony Tough game-music consisted in about 80 compositions and 400 sound effects.

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Singapore ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1994 genre: videogames audio: very low (fm synth 9ch)

Clips from old newsstand videogames. Software used, 1987 Ad Lib Visual Composer 1.51 ROL (from the creator of Sound Blaster, firm Creative Technology) except Rad tunes (ADlib Tracker).

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Seattle ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1995-96 genre: funk / rock audio: med (amiga 8bit 8ch)

In 1930s, musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc from Seattle, developed the first the Bass Guitar (or Electric Bass). This instrument is often used in funk, rock and fusion music.

note: These pieces was composed for the music disk "Sax & Roll" released in Montpellier by the group X-Zone.

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Spain ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1993 genre: guitar / ethnic audio: med low (amiga 8bit 4ch)

In 1930s, musician and inventor Paul Tutmarc from Seattle, developed the first the Bass Guitar (or Electric Bass). This instrument is often used in funk, rock and fusion music.

curiosity: First FBY Mods-Area were opened in early 90s at System Shock BBS and Aminet network.

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Traumazero Constellation ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1999 genre: hitech audio: hi (amiga-pc 8-16bit 4-12ch)

Trauma Zero (T-Zero) is a side scrolling shoot-em-up. Alien Scratch (digital remake and mix) has been included in Amiga Immortal 4 CD published in December 2010 by Maz Sound.

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Verona ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1998 genre: melodic / small orchestra audio: hi (pc 16bit 12ch)

A tribute to Romeo and Juliet, one of the most famous love tale, in Verona. Romantic Corner is out from the adventure game Tony Tough and the night of Roasted Moths. Strange Flower is a love ballad made in 1996 and ranked 2nd at Saturne Party music contest in Paris.

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Videogames Ring ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: various genre: videogames audio: various (8-16bit 4-20ch)

Gamestrack by Fby: Crimson Flood (Soft One, 1994), Legend of Rome (CPU, 1995), Euro League Manager (Manyk, 1995), Paniko menu (1998-99), Delta & Star Paws c-64 cover (Rob Hubbard tribute, 2006).

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Virginia ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1994-96 genre: country / joke audio: med (amiga 8bit 4ch)

Country music is a traditional and popular musical forms found in the Southern United States in early 1900. Unlucky Gunman (story of a crazy gunman.. died under a truck!) won Outline M.Contest in Netherlands, 2007.

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X-Module Planet ________________________________________________________________________________________________

year: 1992-93 genre: electronic / pop audio: med (amiga 8bit 8ch)

XModule was an amiga music converter developed by Bernardo Innocenti (system shock bbs, firenze) to convert from oktalyzer (.okt) to other music formats.. sound/pro/fast/tracker (.mod, .med) and "make it possible"!!

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